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Group Show
Larry Bell, Scot Heywood, Gustavo Pérez, and Mark Pharis
July 20-August 24, 2013
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The Frank Lloyd Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the group exhibition Polyform: Larry Bell, Scot Heywood, Gustavo Pérez, and Mark Pharis. Presenting examples of painting and ceramic sculpture, this show illustrates the shared principles of sequencing, spatial and geometric relationships, and repetition. Consisting of multiple elements or engaging with the concept of multiplicity, these works heighten viewers' awareness of the space they occupy.

includes examples of Vapor Drawings by Larry Bell, and the works on display demonstrate the impact of repetition as a compositional device. Their horizontal planes have a geometric precision, while the subtle gradations of metallic particles move the eye rhythmically through the pieces. Like tapestries woven from light, the bands of these works interlace themselves into a cohesive image.

The contemporary painter Scot Heywood is presenting work from his "Piano Paintings" series – a group of works that features simple arrangements of multiple panels. Painted in rich primary colors, the crisp lines of the rectangular panels are precisely offset.  These cool counterbalances create a heightened spatial awareness and work to implicate the wall-space into the paintings themselves.

Mexican ceramic artist Gustavo Pérez is represented by a large-scale installation titled
Triángulo. This piece is composed of dozens of small cylinders, each cut at a precise angle and placed in face-to-face opposition. The sculpture forms an equilateral triangle, based in geometry but simultaneously alluding to minimal art and optical illusion. Other examples of his works seem to be part architecture, part mathematical pattern, and part lyrical movement.

The contemporary ceramist Mark Pharis frequently works in series, with artworks that emphasize the interrelationship of multiple elements. Based in a casual geometry and using a restrained glaze palette, the pieces included in Polyform reflect the artist's interest in architecture. Their sculptural forms work in concert, playing with spatial relationships.

By presenting contemporary ceramic sculpture alongside painting, Polyform seeks to explore how disparate mediums can share common formal and theoretical concerns. Utilizing repetition, sequencing, and spatial and geometric relationships, these four artists investigate how viewers perceive their artworks and the space they occupy.

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