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Group Show
Frank's International House of Ceramics
November 17-December 29, 2012
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The Frank Lloyd Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of its newest exhibition, Frank's International House of Ceramics. This group show brings together seven ceramists from all over the world, reflecting the international scope of the gallery. Showing the work of major talents from outside the U.S. provides us with an opportunity to expand our worldview, and it's always a pleasure to see how artists from different cultures draw on and interpret the world's rich ceramic traditions.

Dutch artist Wouter Dam creates finely-wrought, monochromatic ribbons of clay, whose abstract forms subtly reference classical vessels, the human body, wooden boats and the crashing of the waves. In contrast, Georges Jeanclos's sculpture is powerfully figurative, recalling his childhood experiences hiding in the woods of Vichy France during the Nazi occupation of World War II.

Japanese-American artist Akio Takamori draws on his own childhood in postwar Japan, in figurative sculptures that continue his investigations into the meaning of community, and demonstrate his cross-cultural background. Meanwhile, Gustavo Pérez, a native of Mexico City, makes vessels that are simple, smooth and symmetrical. Like a musician improvising on a melody, he works through variations of incised lines and architectural forms. Japanese master ceramist Goro Suzuki works in many styles, producing vessels that are rooted in regional Japanese traditions while at the same time developing his own distinctive techniques.  

Two more of our American artists complete the exhibition, with their diverse interpretations of ceramic traditions. Cheryl Ann Thomas's delicate porcelain sculptures, which allude to the transience and delicacy of existence, are coiled by hand, a technique used by Pre-Columbian, Native American and West African peoples. Adrian Saxe creates works that simultaneously reference contemporary culture, ceramic history, and word play.

In addition to our international roster of artists, Frank Lloyd Gallery has a global reach thanks to our web presence. The gallery website has attracted visitors from 99 countries, and our blog, online catalogs, and video tours of exhibitions allow us to reach a wider online audience. Frank's International House of Ceramics offers an expansive look at a few of the artists we represent, highlighting the international scope of the gallery.                

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