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Group Show
Rob Forbes Selects
July 16-August 20, 2011
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      Opening Reception: Saturday, July 16, 2011, 5:00 to 7:00pm

The  Frank Lloyd Gallery is pleased to announce its second annual ceramics  exhibit selected by a guest curator. Worldwide design maven Rob Forbes  has chosen this year's group exhibit. Last year's selections were made  by renowned architect Frank Gehry. Rob Forbes, the founder of PUBLIC Bikes and Design Within Reach,  has something in common with Gehry: both have a background in ceramics.  Gehry's unexpected connections to the medium were the story of last  year's show. This year, Forbes reveals his background as a refined  potter and ceramic designer, and chooses the extraordinary group show  for the gallery's summer months. The exhibit opens July 16th and  continues through August 20.

Forbes' selections vary in this  exhibit, as he extolls the virtues of the humble pot and the design of  functional vessels.  Revealing a refined eye and an ability to point out  relationships between disparate elements, Forbes also relies on his  knowledge of ceramic history and technology. He has chosen Mark Pharis, a  ceramic artist who often works in series, for instance. Pharis, based  in Minnesota, makes simple hand-built work that belies an intelligent  design background.

At the request of gallery owner Frank Lloyd, a  small group of Forbes' work is included in the show. The design  community of Los Angeles is sure to welcome the opportunity to view  Forbes' ceramics, just as architects flocked to the gallery last year to  see Gehry's own pottery. "The gallery program was enriched by the  expansive vision of Gehry", says Lloyd, "and we expect that Forbes' way  of seeing will demonstrate a new view, as well."

Rob Forbes has a  reputation in the design community as a man with a vision. He sees the  world of design as part of everyday life, and accessible in common  objects, patterns, color and juxtapositions. Rather than characterize  himself as an aesthete, he says he is "really a streetwalker",  humorously referring to his habit of taking photos of the urban  landscape when traveling.  His viewpoint is typified by a project of  re-publishing George Nelson's Ways of Seeing,  a classic modern discourse on the designer's aesthetic. He is also an  advocate for communities based on human needs and interactions,  facilitated by intelligent and sustainable design. Honored by many  design organizations worldwide and chronicled in publications from the New York Times to the Los Angeles Times, Forbes has gained a reputation for bringing design to the masses.

Less  known is Forbes' background as a potter, ceramic designer, and  professor of art. After an apprenticeship to British potter Michael  Cardew, and studies in art and aesthetics at the University of  California Santa Cruz, Forbes graduated from Alfred University in New  York with an MFA in ceramics. He has a significant resume as an  exhibiting artist, as well as a background in teaching at the  Philadelphia College of Art.  All of this precedes his founding of Design Within Reach. Established last year, Forbes' new company is the rapidly growing PUBLIC Bikes.